BPD Photo of the Day: Historic Gifts Donated to Boston Police Department


Today, Wednesday, December 28, 2016, Father Robert Kennedy presented the Boston Police Department with the helmet and baton that belonged to his grandfather, Patrolman James Kennedy, who was one of the more than 1100 patrolmen who went on strike on September 9, 1919 in what would become the largest police strike in United States history. Patrolman Kennedy’s son Vincent Kennedy and his grandson William Kennedy would later go on to become Boston police officers in his footsteps. Father Kennedy is now a senior priest, having served nearly 50 years as a pastor including time in South Boston and East Boston, and he continues to have strong ties to the Boston Police Department.

On hand to accept the helmet and baton were Boston Police Chief William Gross, BPD Historian Officer Robert Anthony, and BPD Archivist Margaret Sullivan. Thank you, Father Kennedy, for this historic gift.