The Boston Police Department Celebrates Black History Month

Detective Frederick McLean of the Special Service Squad was the first African American to receive the Department's Medal of Honor.  On April 7, 1952, Detective McLean was on a day off when he heard that a robbery was being planned by two men he knew to be armed and dangerous.  Driving through Roxbury in his own vehicle, Detective McLean observed one man acting as a lookout in front of a store on Tremont Street, with a second man inside holding the owner at gunpoint.  Detective McLean arrested the lookout and used him as a shield as he entered the store to arrest the robber, who had escaped from the state hospital for the criminally insane.

Detective McLean's identical twin brother Francis McLean was also a Boston Police Officer, and the two patrolled Roxbury for many years.

This story was originally posted on February 12, 2016.