Great Work Recognized: Several Officers Receive Commendations Today at Boston Police Headquarters

Earlier today, Thursday March 10, 2016, several officers were awarded Commissioner's Commendations for their actions during two separate incidents in 2015.

INCIDENT #1:  On December 23, 2015, Officer Belgrave was patrolling the downtown crossing area when he was flagged down by a security officer working for the parking garage located at 1 Lincoln Street.  He reported that he witnessed three males attempting to gain entry into a numerous parked vehicles inside the garage and that he followed them to downtown crossing.  He drove with Officer Belgrave and canvassed the area.  Two men were identified. Officer Belgrave observed that the suspects stopped walking and watched the actions of the marked police vehicle.  Now on foot, Officer Belgrave observed Officers Cameron and Officer Ni and informed them of the situation.

After approaching these men, one man made statements about not going away again and took a bladed stance, displaying a characteristic of a person who may be armed with a weapon.  As a result of this belief the officers began a pat frisk and felt the shape of a firearm in a pocket of the jacket.  After a brief struggle the suspect was taken into custody and a 9mm Hi-Point semi-automatic gun was recovered.

The officers’ quick response and ability to recognize the signs and mannerisms of an armed suspect helped remove a firearm and a dangerous felon from the streets of Boston. 

For their actions they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

INCIDENT #2:  During the summer of 2015 the Drug Control Unit assigned to District A-7 DCU (East Boston) conducted an in depth drug distribution investigation.  Over an extended period of time, officers made multiple purchases of heroin from the target of their investigation.  On September 18, 2015, the officers executed two search warrants for the body of the suspect and his residence.

As a result, the officers located:

·         1 Assault Rifle with 4 large capacity magazines

·         2 Rifles

·         1 Shotgun

·         1 Training Pistol

·         281 Rounds of Ammunition, associated with 9 different calibers of Ammunition

·         2 Explosive Devices, which were M-80's wrapped with BB's

·         Heroin, Marijuana, Oxycodone and other pills

·         Surveillance Equipment

The suspect was placed in custody without incident.  Further investigation determined that suspect was a member of national group who are sympathetic to Second Amendment movements throughout the country.   

The investigation initiated by the A-7 DCU uncovered a stockpile of illegally possessed firearms, ammunition and explosive devices.  The Officers actions may have prevented an act of violence.

For their efforts they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.