Noteworthy Benchmark Achieved for Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 55-15

BPD Academy Recruit Class 55-15 recently achieved an important benchmark in its training regime as the class celebrated the receipt of its class flag or Guidon flag. The Guidon flag is symbolic in that, in addition to identifying the class, it also signals a developing cohesiveness, camaraderie and coming together of Class 55-15. Each class has a recruit officer who serves as the guide or flag bearer. That recruit officer or guide carries and tends to the Guidon flag which is carried on all recruit runs. The recruit officer entrusted with the responsibility of carrying the flag is always easy to spot as it is his, or in the case of Class 55-15 her, role to run at the front of the formation for all to see. It is also important to the note the color of the Guidon flag. As seen in the photos, Class 55-15 exchanged their white flag for a blue flag. On graduation day, the blue Guidon flag will take its rightful place among the many recruit class flags presently and proudly hanging in the halls of the Boston Police Academy. Every Boston Police Recruit class since 1985 has a class flag or Guidon proudly hanging in halls of the Boston Police Academy at 85 Williams Ave in Hyde Park and, soon, so will Boston Police Academy Class 55-15. Keep up the great work recruits!!!