BPD Officer Lauren Woods to Run in Memory of Lingzi Lu at the 2016 Boston Marathon

BPD OFFICER RUNS IN MEMORY OF LINGZI LU: Three years ago, Officer Lauren Woods was working in the area of the finish line when the bombs went off at the 2013 Boston Marathon.  In the moments after the attack, Lauren rushed to the aid of a young Chinese woman who had been severely injured during the attack and was by her side when she died. Although ordered to leave Lingzi Lu’s side given concerns about the potential threat of other explosive devices in the area, Lauren refused. Said Lauren, “It was important for me to stay with her.” When Lingzi’s parents arrived from China for their daughter’s memorial service, Officer Lauren Woods met them, embraced them and told them, “She wasn’t alone when she died.” This past Friday, on One Boston Day, Lauren Woods was at City Hall when Lingzi Lu’s parents made a $10,000 donation to the Boston Police Athletic League in memory of Lingzi. On Monday, Lauren runs the 2016 Boston Marathon to raise funds in memory of Lingzi Lu. At least check, she had raised close to $6,000. Said Woods, “I’m inspired by Lingzi and I’m honored to run in her memory. As a Boston Police Officer who responded to the attacks of the Boston Marathon and saw the aftermath of its impact on the city, its residents, its visitors, its businesses, its survivors, its mourners and its victims, I run for them all, but most importantly I run for Lingzi. She’s impacted my life forever.” If you happen to catch a glimpse of Lauren running in this year’s marathon, give her an extra loud cheer because when it comes to Boston’s Finest, she’s one of our best.  To make a donation, visit: www.lingzifoundation.org/laurenwoods2016