Milestone Achieved: Commissioner Evans Completes Marathon #50 in Maine

Milestone Achieved: Commissioner Evans Completes Marathon #50 in Maine: He finished 143rd out of a field of almost a thousand runners in a time of 3 hours and 39 minutes and, when asked to assess his performance, Commissioner William Evans was predictably humble, “Not bad for an old guy.” In a perfect world, Commissioner Evans would’ve completed his 50th marathon this past April in Boston. But, when you’re the city’s top cop entrusted with safeguarding the Boston Marathon, best laid plans are always subject to change. “As much as I would’ve loved to run Boston, I just couldn’t do it. The safety of the city always comes first. Running is a passion for me but keeping people safe is always my top priority.” Today, at the Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon, however, Evans was just another runner eager to take in the sights and scenes of the 26.2 mile run up the Maine coastline, “I knew it was gonna be a beautiful race to run and it was. Can’t say enough about the great sights. You run by all the beaches and the scenery was awesome.”  When asked to reflect upon the significance of completing his 50th marathon, Commish Evans offered, “It’s always gratifying to finish a marathon and, certainly, finishing my 50th was especially gratifying. I put it on my bucket list about five years ago and I’m grateful I was able to do it. It feels great.” But does he regret it wasn’t Boston? “Not at all. I love the Boston Marathon. But today was a great day. And, I’d like to thank the folks who put this great race together.”