Great Work Recognized: BPD Officers Among Many Honored at 2016 Law Enforcement Public Service Awards

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, several members of the Boston Police Department were recognized by the United States Attorney’s Office in the 2016 Law Enforcement Public Service Awards.

From the BPD, receiving the Outstanding Collaborative Investigation Award for their work with the US Postal Inspection Service and the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General on the case of US v. Keyon Taylor, et al. were:

  • Officer John Burrows
  • Rebecca Boissaye, Criminalist II
  • Officer Brendan Bosse
  • Officer Christopher Burns
  • Officer Aristides Cardoso
  • Officer Christopher Crager
  • Deborah Dobrydney, Criminalist II
  • Detective Stephen Duran
  • Erin Forry, Criminalist IV/Quality Manager
  • Detective Robert Griffin
  • Lieutenant Detective Thomas Hopkins
  • Ann Marie Kelly, Tape Librarian 1
  • Kevin Kosiorek, Criminalist IV
  • Detective Timothy Laham
  • Officer Tisha Murphy
  • Sergeant Detective Brian Riley
  • Officer Timothy Smith
  • Officer Caetano Teixeira

Together with the US Postal Service investigators, these members of the BPD were able to track down, prosecute, and convict Keyon Taylor and his accomplice who brutally assaulted, pistol-whipped, and shot a US Postal letter carrier before holding him against his will inside his mail truck. The defendants are now serving lengthy criminal sentences.

From the BPD, along with members of several other local, regional, and national agencies, receiving the Investigative Achievement Award for their part in the case of US v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were:

  • Police Commissioner William Evans
  • Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross
  • Deputy Superintendent Colm Lydon
  • Officer Lauren Woods
  • Officer Thomas Barrett

These members of the BPD were honored for their part in successfully presenting evidence of the tragic week of April 15, 2013 at trial.

In addition to members of the US Department of Labor, Detective Steven Blair of the Boston Police Department was presented with the Investigative Achievement Award for his part in the trial of US v. John Perry, et al. Detective Blair was among a team of investigators that earned the trust of hundreds of witnesses in a case against members of Teamster Local 82 who had caused physical harm, threatened, and distorted other members of the union and local businesses. John Perry, Joseph Burhoe, and James Deamicis were convicted of racketeering and extortion.