Thank You For Thanking Us: BPD Receives Letter of Appreciation After Deputy Superintendent and Several Recruit Officers Attend Boxing Clinic in Dorchester

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016, Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston along with members of Boston Police Recruit Class 55-15 stopped by to give some pointers to a group of aspiring boxers at the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester.  Ealier today, we received these photographs along with the following letter of thanks: 

“I would like to make you aware and thank your department for the great work that your officers do in the community.  Every Wednesday night, myself and a group of volunteers teach boxing to middle school and high school aged kids at the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club.  Also in attendance is Deputy Nora Baston.  Nora takes time out of her busy day to spend with these kids.  You can see their faces light up when she walks in and the way she can connect with the kids, especially the females, is amazing.  She is an awesome role model and truly embodies everything that is good about a police officer.

Yesterday, we had a group of recruits from class #55-15 join us.  The group of three males and two females were awesome.  They were engaged and interacting with the kids throughout the entire program.  It meant a lot to the kids to get to know some future officers on a personal level.

In summation, it is uplifting to see officers in your department such as Nora who truly care about the community.  It is equally uplifting to see young recruits giving their free time to interact with the community as well.  Thank you for your time and keep up the good work”  

To that we say, thank you for thanking us.