Thank You for Thanking Us: Brookline 5th Graders Show Appreciation to BPD Officer Involved in Motorcycle Crash

Yesterday, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans accompanied Officer James Scopa from the Boston Police Special Operations Division and Brookline Police Chief Dan O'Leary to the Pierce School in Brookline for a visit with a very special class of fifth graders. The reason for the visit was described best by Brookline Lieutenant Philip Harrington:

A few months ago, the students were on a trip to the Science Museum in Boston when they witnessed Officer Scopa involved in a motorcycle crash while performing a police escort for a motorcade. The students were outside when they saw parents and a teacher rush to the aid of Officer Scopa and stand by him until EMS arrived. Many of the students witnessed the crash and felt terrible about the event. After being made aware of the students’ involvement, Officer Scopa agreed to stop by the school and show the students he was okay and had returned to work. He spoke to the kids about bike and skateboarding safety, stressing the importance of wearing their helmets—his helmet helped save his life during that crash. He also pointed out the importance of people coming to the aid of others in need. Officer Scopa was very appreciative of the adults who helped him that day, all of whom are trained in the medical field (two are doctors, one a nurse, and another an EMT).

Commissioner Evans presented each of the adults with plaques of appreciation, while each of them expressed gratitude for the work Officer Scopa does every day and for his taking time to meet with the students. As they so succinctly stated, “Gratitude goes both ways.” Thank you, Pierce School students, adults, and Brookline Chief O'Leary, for your support and kind words for Officer Scopa!