Justice Served: BPD Cold Case Detectives Crack 1987 Homicide Case Charging One with the Murder of Dora Jean Brimage

Almost thirty years ago, 19 year-old Dora Jean Brimage was last seen alive leaving a Prentiss Street party in Roxbury. She was found dead the next morning on the floor of a vacant building in the area of 655 Warren Street. For nearly thirty years, the killer remained unknown and was able to evade capture until this past week when a Suffolk County Grand Jury returned an indictment charging James Paige, 50, of New Hampshire with first-degree murder in the death of Dora Jean Brimage.

Over the years, Boston Police Homicide Detectives never gave up on the case in their ongoing efforts to secure justice for the family of Dora Jean Brimage.

Said Commissioner William Evans, “A case like this should send a clear and convincing message that in Boston the fight for justice never ends. No case is ever overlooked and, certainly, no victim is ever forgotten. To the family of Dora Jean Brimage, it is my sincere hope that the news of the arrest in this case brings with it some small measure of comfort and closure. No doubt, this day has been a long, long one in coming and, hopefully, it delivers a significant level of solace. As for my detectives, I can’t offer enough praise for their hard work or the never-quit approach that led to this case being solved. I’m proud of them, their work and the fact that in Boston, the search for justice, regardless of how long it takes, never ends until those responsible are brought to justice.”