BPD in the News: Music Brings Boston Police and City Youth Together

Photo courtesy of Timothy Tai (Boston Globe)

In the past few weeks, when across the country it seems as though there is a great divide between police officers and communities, here in Boston we are constantly finding new ways to become closer and open more lines of communication with the people of our city. Shaw Pong Liu, a classically trained violinist, recently introduced the Boston Police Department to one a new, unique way of reaching out to our communities—through music. Liu’s project, called “Code Listen,” combines musical “jam sessions” and open dialogue between Boston police officers and local youth to build stronger relationships between the BPD and the people we serve. “We’re never one to shy away from dialogue,” Police Commissioner Evans said through a spokesperson. “Music is another form of conversation, and this is another way to engage the community.” Malcolm Gay from the Boston Globe brings you the full story here: