Keeping Boston Safe: Kids and Officers Alike Benefit from "Public Safety Day for Kids with Special Needs"

For parents with kids with special needs, discovering that their child has wandered off or gone missing is one of their biggest nightmares. Compounding that fear is the idea that many children with special needs experience sensory overload around loud noises and flashing lights, especially when created by the sirens and lights on our police cars. So instead of running towards police officers tasked with finding them and bringing them home,  imagine a heartbreaking scenario where a child with special needs is too afraid to run towards the help they need. To conquer that concern, put kids at ease, and build a bridge of understanding, "Public Safety Day for Kids with Special Needs" was created. Kids are encouraged to sit our cars and play with sirens for as long as they want. In Boston, keeping kids safe is one of top priorities, and you can see in the photos, Safety Day is one way we achieve that goal.