IN THE NEWS: Thanks to Boston Globe Reporter Evan Allen for Going Behind the Scenes to Better Understand Why Fewer Arrests is Making Boston a Better Place to Live


IN THE NEWS: Arrests are down in Boston. Globe reporter Evan Allen goes on a ride-along with BPD Officers to better understand and explain why that’s a good thing. Although fewer arrests are being made, Allen’s report shows it would be a mistake to assume less work is being done. In fact, as Allen learns, BPD officers are working harder than ever before to make Boston one of the safest, more compassionate and empathetic big cities in America. Said Commissioner Evans: “When I came on the job, you measured what kind of an officer someone was by quantitative statistics. How many arrests. How many moving violations. We don’t do that anymore. I think our officers get it. It’s not about throwing people behind bars, it’s about getting them services and opportunities.”

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