Suspect Who Pepper Sprayed BPD Officers Responding to a Brighton Break-in Was Hell-bent on Harming and Hurting Police Officers


Suspect Who Pepper Sprayed BPD Officers Responding to a Brighton Break-in Was Hell-bent on Harming and Hurting Police Officers: The call for a person breaking into an apartment in the area of 19 Saint Luke’s Road in Brighton, an area populated by college students, came in late Sunday morning at about 11:40am, September 4, 2016. When officers arrived on the scene, they had no idea what was in store or the level of resistance they would encounter. That quickly changed, however, when officers entered the apartment building and immediately recognized the perpetrator. With over 20 active warrants to his name and a history for resisting arrest, Fabio Armelio was no stranger to the officers assigned to District D-14 in Brighton. When they moved in to apprehend him, Armelio, not only refused to comply, but he took off running, dropping a police scanner as he scrambled up a stairwell leading up to the top floor of the building and a ladder that would enable him to gain access to the roof. As Armelio climbed up the ladder, officers grabbed a hold of his legs to prevent him from gaining access to roof. As officers did their best to prevent the suspect’s escape, the suspect pulled out a canister of mace and sprayed both officers square in the face. Freed from the officers' grasp, the suspect was able to escape to the roof. Once there, the suspect, using a rope, swung from the roof into a third floor apartment where, once inside, he physically assaulted the tenant by punching him in the face. Officers chased the suspect into the basement where, after a lengthy physical confrontation during which the suspect continued to resist arrest, the suspect was finally taken into custody. A search of the suspect enabled officers to confiscate two canisters of pepper spray. The suspect, Fabio Armelio, 39, of Medford is charged with two (2) counts of Breaking & Entering a Residence, three (3) counts of Assault & Battery on a Police Officer (Pepper Spray), Armed Home Invasion, Armed Assault in a Dwelling, Resisting Arrest and Threats.

Said one of the supervisors on scene: “The officers involved in this incident not only make me proud to be a police officer but are most assuredly deserving of high levels of admiration and appreciation for showing us - once again - why the city of Boston is lucky to have some of the best and bravest police officers in the country. The suspect in this case had no intention of going down without a fight and every intention of hurting both police officers and community members alike. As a supervisor, my hats off to each and every officer who quickly responded to this scene and, on arrival, thought little of their own safety or security in their shared efforts to protect and serve the residents of Saint Luke’s Road while putting a dangerous felon behind bars.”