Chief Gross and Other Command Staff Members Volunteer to Wear Body Worn Cameras

Police Commissioner William Evans announced today that Superintendent-In-Chief William Gross and seven other members of the command staff will be trained and equipped with body worn cameras as they perform their street duties. Commissioner Evans asked members of his command staff to volunteer to wear the cameras to demonstrate the department’s willingness to explore this new policing tool and to show his continued support for the officers who have been assigned to participate in the pilot program. These eight commanders are the supervisors overseeing the delivery of uniformed police services to the neighborhoods of the city.

“When I asked members of my command staff to volunteer to wear the cameras, they all stepped up,” said Evans. “I have the best department in the country and I am committed to getting this program started for the benefit of the community and my officers out there every day.”  

The commanders who will be participating all have duties that may require them to be out in the community responding to critical incidents and overseeing special events across the city. The command staff members will be bound by the same policy that is currently in place and will wear the cameras for the duration of the anticipated pilot program. They will not however be part of the study group.  Commissioner Evans feels that having these eight command staff members leading by example will serve to improve transparency and accountability and evidences his commitment to getting the pilot program underway.