Meet the Boss: BPD Recruit Class 56-16 Gets Special Visit from Commissioner Evans

Commissioner Evans talks to Recruit Class 56-16

Earlier today, Wednesday, January 4, 2017, Commissioner Evans addressed BPD Recruit Class 56-16 at the Boston Police Academy in Hyde Park. The Commissioner spoke about the importance of being physically and mentally prepared to take on the challenges of a career in law enforcement while also reflecting on the evolving role of the modern police officer. Said the Commissioner to the members of the Recruit Class 56-16, “In the old days, police work used to be about quantity – the number of arrests you made, how many tickets you wrote – now, it’s about the quality of the work you do and the relationships you build. It's about Community Policing, building trust and making people feel safe. During you're time here at the Academy, you're going to learn all the laws you need to know to be an effective police officer. And, while you have a sworn duty to enforce the laws; never lose sight of the fact that we're here to help people more than we hurt them. Never lose sight of the fact that arresting people, although important, may not always be the preferred response. Connecting people to social services is just as important. And, never forget, in addition to being a police officer, you’re also a member of the community and your focus should always be on making meaningful connections with those you protect and serve. There's no profession more noble than that of a police officer. For me, it's been the greatest job in the world and I commend you for your decision to help us continue keeping the City of Boston one of the safest cities in America."