Twelfth Baptist Church Honors Commissioner Evans with the MLK Leadership Award

Twelfth Baptist Church Honors Commissioner Evans with the MLK Leadership Award: On Sunday, January 8, 2016, Pastor Arthur Gerald and the members of the Twelfth Baptist Church honored two members of the Boston Police Department during the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation. Chief Gross was given a Convocation Speaker Award while Commissioner Evans was bestowed the MLK Leadership Award. In his introduction, Pastor Gerald said of the Commissioner, “Martin Luther King would be proud of a man like Commissioner Evans. He’s a leader in our community who brings people together. And, while he may have grown up in South Boston, this is a man who cares about all of Boston. I admire him for not only who is but for what he has done. We’ve had Peace Walks throughout the summer and he never missed one. During one walk, he noticed kids playing on a broken basketball hoop, so he had it fixed. Where some see problems, he sees solutions. Under his leadership within the department, the BPD Command Staff has never been more diverse. Commissioner Evans is more than just a leader of the BPD, he’s a leader for our city. And, we are grateful for his passion, his heart and his service.” Upon receiving the award, Commissioner Evans stated, “I am truly honored and humbled to receive an award named after the great Martin Luther King. It goes to show how far we’ve all come when a kid from South Boston can stand before you at place where MLK preached and receive an award named in his honor. Diversity is not only important but it’s one of the BPD’s greatest strengths. And, I am proud to accept this tremendous honor on behalf of the men and women of the greatest police department in America.”