Making a Difference: Group "Code Listen" Brings People Together with Music

Code Listen--a musical group comprised of police officers, Boston youth, and survivors of homicide victims--has a message for the people of Boston and all the people around the world this holiday season, and that message is, "LISTEN". Said Boston Police Detective Jeremiah Benton, "In order to enjoy music, one has to listen. And that's the message I deliver to anyone that I teach--you HAVE to listen. You can't go in with your own preconceived ideas and then try to shape reality into what you believe is fact. No, you go in, listen to people, and hear what their reality is, and then deal with that. Because that is, in fact, their truth."

On this Thanksgiving Day, let's all take time to listen to each other so that we may better understand and, in turn, learn to make the world a better place for all.