Thank You for Thanking Us: Community member takes time to recognize two big-hearted cops in JP, District E-13 Officers Billy Jones & George Kayes

Officer Billy Jones (left) and Officer George Kayes (right) are assigned to District E-13 in Jamaica Plain

BPD especially proud of District E-13 Officers Billy Jones and George Kayes and the community member who took the time to write the following: “If you live in Jamaica Plain then you probably recognize these two lovable, affable, congenial fellows! These two police officers serve and protect 02130, and they maintain order and prevent mayhem. But you’d be mistaken if you thought that was the extent of it. If you think there just two Boston cops walking the beat, let me tell you, there’s way more more substance to this pair than you can imagine!!! So, on this, Day #22 of GRATEFUL NOVEMBER, I give you Community Service Officers George Kayes & Billy Jones of the BPD and my heart! I first got to know George & Billy while attending JP's weekly Tuesday Hot Dog Night on South Street. Sure, they’d eat a frankfurter while attending the event, but deep down in my heart and soul, I know that these two came for way more than just the food. They came for the kids of the neighbor who were hungry for some positive attention and great role models. When George & Billy show up in their cruiser, the kids go crazy!!! Cheering and yelling that Officer George and Officer Billy have arrived. These guys make it a point to learn these kids' names, to understand their circumstances, and to interact with them in the kindest and gentlest way. George & Billy spend every summer Tuesday evening demonstrating by example to the youth of Jamaica Plain that the police are in place to guide and help, not reprimand and criticize. George & Billy have HUGE personalities and even bigger capacities to love. And they spread it among all of these kids who adore, revere, and honor this duet in return. So for all that and then some, I say thank you George and Billy for giving of yourselves to Boston's most impressionable youth.”