Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Officers Receive a Thank You Letter from Grateful Victim of Attempted Break-In

Yesterday, four BPD officers were commended for their professional and compassionate actions while responding to an attempted break-in. Although for these officers, 911 calls such as this are all in a day's work, it's not often they are recognized for their deeds. So to Maureen for writing the following, we say, "Thank you for thanking us!"

Police Commissioner Evans,

I returned home from Thanksgiving weekend away to what was an attempted robbery of my home. Three units were rapidly dispatched to my home - two plain clothes officers and two other patrol cars with uniformed officers. All four officers were professional and respectful, but more than anything, very caring and attentive to my situation. I was in shock as to what I found, and they checked to see that my house was empty and assured me the perpetrator didn't gain access.

I want to say how proud I am to have such great officers on duty serving people like me. Unfortunately, I was too distraught to get their names, but all four deserve a great big thank you from their superiors as well as from me. Please give them high marks for their work. 

All the best and keep up the great work!