BPD Photo of the Day: Boston Officers and EMTs Deliver Baby in Parking Lot of District B-3 (Mattapan)


Early this morning, at about 7:15 AM on Thursday, December 21, 2017, Officers Jose Gomes and Byron Foote were returning to the District B-3 (Mattpan) station with a prisoner when they noticed a motor vehicle following them, honking and flashing its lights. The officers had just pulled into the wagon bay when the male operator of the vehicle approached the officers on foot and said he needed help. The officers followed the operator to his car parked at the station and observed the man's wife in the passenger's seat. The man told the officers his wife was having a baby! Officer Gomes quickly got on the radio and requested EMS and additional officers to respond. Luckily, Officers Nadia Siconolfi and Berlino Felix and the EMTs were pulling into the station parking lot, because this baby wasn't waiting. Only moments later, with officers and EMTs on hand, first-time mom delivered a healthy baby girl. Mom, Dad, and new Baby Girl, later named Francesca, were transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


A few hours later after everyone was settled, the officers returned the hospital to formally meet Tracey and Fran Pierre and their new baby Francesca. As a birthday present, they brought a BPD teddy bear for baby and BPD coffee mugs for mom and dad...looks like they're going to need them to keep up with Francesca!

To this beautiful family from all of us at the BPD, we say, "Congratulations!"