Recent Promotions: BPD Commissioner Announces Promotion of Eleven New Sergeants

Yesterday, Thursday, February 23, 2017, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans announced the promotion of seven detectives and four police officers to the rank of sergeant. Each of these new sergeants will undergo several weeks of training before being deployed throughout the city’s eleven districts. Said Commissioner Evans, “These new sergeants have studied hard and their promotion will no doubt benefit the department and the city.” Congratulations and best of luck to the following new sergeants:

  • Detective Thomas E. Barrett
  • Detective Manuel Blas 
  • Detective Thomas J. Carty
  • Police Officer Michael A. Dillon
  • Detective Jake F. Elwood
  • Police Officer Jeremy L. Fitton
  • Detective Eamon Geoghegan
  • Police Officer Jonathan C. Hester
  • Detective Matthew M. Hogardt
  • Detective Cecil R. Jones
  • Police Officer Michael A. O’Hara