BPD Salutes Black History Month!

Superintendent Florastine Creed-Jacobson was the highest ranking African American woman —in the history of the Boston Police Departmen at the time of her passing; it was after a long-time battle with cancer that she died on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 —her 59th birthday.

Florastine Creed-Jacobson joined the department in 1979 and worked her way through the ranks of patrol officer, detective and finally sergeant.  While she didn’t intend to practice law, she attended and graduated law school because she believed that knowledge of the law would make her a better police officer.  In 1994, then Police Commissioner Paul Evans appointed her to a command staff position as Deputy Superintendent in charge of the department’s Office of Labor Relations.  In 1998, she was promoted to the rank of Superintendent.  She is fondly remembered to this day for her integrity, intelligence, and most of all, her kindness.