Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Detectives Summons Man with Long History of Selling Counterfeit CDs in Mattapan

At about 11:50 PM on Monday, March 13, 2017, officers and detectives assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) conducted an investigation into the sale of pirated music CDs being sold in the area of 1509 Blue Hill Avenue. 

The subject of the investigation, 48-year-old Derrick Albert of Dorchester, was well known to officers as an individual who has sold counterfeit merchandise and pirated music throughout the city of Boston for over 14 years. Albert was advised repeatedly by members of the BPD that his activity was illegal and would not be permitted. On the above date and time, officers observed that Albert had set up his merchandise for sale on the sidewalk in front of a local restaurant. Officers observed that Albert had signs advertising the sale of CDs and thumb drives containing music. Albert had also set up an audio speaker connected to his car battery and was playing amplified sound. The detectives conducted a visual inspection of the music CDs, and they noted the merchandise was easily recognizable as counterfeits. 

The detectives approached Albert and requested him to produce his valid City of Boston Hawkers and Peddlers License, his permit to occupy the City of Boston sidewalk as a business, and documentation from the Recording Industry Association of America. Albert could not produce any of the required paperwork. The detectives informed Albert of the city ordinances and MA laws regarding the sale of pirated CDs and the city ordinance regarding the playing of amplified sound on a public way after 11:00 PM. The detectives seized the pirated CDs, which were estimated at a value of approximately $40,000. Albert was summoned to court for charges related to the unauthorized reproduction and sale of sound recordings, as well as issued a City of Boston Ordinance Violation for Failure to Produce Hawkers/Peddlers License and Occupying a Public Sidewalk w/o a Permit.