BPD Issues Statement Regarding Community Complaint

Last night at about 6:00 PM, officers assigned to the Boston Police Gang Unit were conducting an investigation.  While sitting alone in their unmarked BPD cruiser the officers were reviewing information on publicly available social media sites.  One of the officers was informing his partner of the contents of a particular posting and read verbatim to his partner what was written in the post. The officer was unintentionally cuing his portable radio microphone and inadvertently broadcast the quoted social media post over his radio.

There has been speculation by some members of the community regarding the context of the officer’s words. At no time was the officer using language that was his own; he was quoting text from the social media post and relaying information pertinent to the investigation to his partner while sitting in their police vehicle.  

Commissioner Evans instructed the Internal Affairs Division to review this incident and after the initial investigation during which Detectives examined audio recordings, social media content and officer interviews, the Department has determined that the officer had quoted verbatim the words from a social media post while sitting in his cruiser speaking with his partner.  

 “My officers often encounter disturbing language while conducting investigations,” said Commissioner Evans.  “It’s troubling when we see human beings referring to one another in such derogatory terms.  These officers are compassionate and highly trained. Learning the context of this incident is crucial to understanding the words heard over the police radio.”

Please see social media post and link to download the audio of the radio transmission below: