IN THE COMMUNITY: Medicine Wheel Productions Recognizes Deputy Nora Baston for Her Commitment to Community Policing

IN THE COMMUNITY: Tonight, March 29, 2017, Commissioner Evans attended the Medicine Wheel Awards Ceremony for Community Involvement. Over the past two years, the Boston Police Department and the fine folks from Medicine Wheel have teamed up in a relationship building exercise designed to the enhance the relationship that exists between our city’s young people and our police officers by allowing all involved to grow a lil’ closer while participating in an art project called Hand-in-Hand. Hand-in-Hand is an all-day workshop where young people and our officers pair up in a project where they work together creating and constructing plastic moldings of each other’s hands. In the past two years, over 200 cops and kids have participated in the program.  Tonight, Deputy Nora Baston was recognized for her involvement and continued support of the initiative. Said Baston, “Programs and partnerships like the one we enjoy with Medicine Wheel make our city the special city it is. The Hand-in-Hand youth/police initiative provided a platform, a place and time for our officers and the kids we protect to talk and get to know each other. The kids could ask us anything they wanted. And, the more we talked, the more we learned and the closer we became. And, for a department that prides itself on Community Policing, this initiative was right up our alley.” Deputy Baston also received the Medicine Woman Award for Community Involvement while Kawanza Taylor was recognized as the Medicine Wheel Youth Award recipient. To learn more about Medicine Wheel, please visit: