Making a Difference: Boston Police Cadets Deliver a Message of Kindness and Compassion to Center for Homeless Women

Making a Difference: Today, Friday, May 5, 2017, several of our Boston Police Cadets stopped by Women Connecting Affecting Change (WCAC), a drop-in center for homeless women located at 409 Blue Hill Ave in Grove Hall, to deliver a message of compassion and care. The center was created to help and provide homeless women with much-needed counseling support and resources. Understanding the importance of protecting and serving all community members, regardless of their social or economic status, the Cadets donated and dropped off 20 gift bags filled with items like soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, candies and other assorted items. When asked to explain the importance of the gesture, Superintendent Lisa Holmes, who is the Commanding Officer of the Boston Police Academy, offered the following, “It’s important for our Cadets to understand and appreciate the importance of simply being kind. They’re not police officers yet, but, hopefully they will be one day soon. And, they need to know that when you’re a police officer; empathy, compassion and caring are some of your most vital and valuable tools. As police officers, we all have an obligation to care for the many and not just the few. So, the more people we can relate to, the more people we can help. Stopping by the WCAC gave the Cadets, not only, a chance to meet the women at the center, but also an opportunity to say to them that they’re important, they count and they’re a part of the community. Showing kindness can do a lot of great things like bridge the gaps of fear and distrust that sometimes exist between our officers and those we serve. Today, our Cadets got a chance to close that gap a little bit more by simply being kind and I couldn’t be more proud of what they achieved.”