Commissioner William Evans Says Hate Crimes in Boston Will Never be Tolerated

Commissioner Evans participated in a panel discussion at MIT earlier today, Saturday, May 6, 2017, hosted by the Indian American Forum for Political Education. Today’s discussion, titled Colors of the Commonwealth: Building Alliances to Combat Hate, focused on ways for community members, elected officials and police officers to come together in a concerted effort to denounce and combat hate crimes in our society. When asked about hate crimes in Boston, Commissioner Evans offered the following, “The Boston Police Department will never tolerate hate crimes of any kind in our city. If you feel like you’ve been victimized or targeted because of your ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, we want you to come to us and report it. And, we certainly don’t care about your immigration status, either. As I tell people all the time, we’re not the immigration police, we’re the Boston Police and your immigration status has no bearing on how you’ll be treated. So, please don’t be afraid to trust us. If someone is hurting or harming you, we’re not going to allow it. It’s just that simple. But, we can’t investigate a crime or incident unless we know about it and, for that reason, people can’t be afraid to come forward.”