BPD Photo of the Day: Chief Gross Honored to Meet Deputy Jeremy Romero, the Nation’s First "Robo Cop"

Yesterday, Monday, July17, 2017, the chief of the nation’s first police department had the honor of meeting the nation’s first “Robo Cop,” Deputy Jeremy Romero of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department in New Mexico.  Deputy Romero is a former Corrales New Mexico Police Officer who was paralyzed in a patrol car crash in 2014. He is now the first law enforcement officer in the country to use a ReWalk system which is a medical device that enables paraplegics to stand and walk again. Superintendent in Chief William Gross welcomed Deputy Romero to BPD Headquarters and thanked him for his unwavering commitment to police work and for continuing to share his message to those impacted by spinal cord injuries who may benefit from the use of this new technology.