Thank You for Thanking Us: Captain McCormick and District A-7 Officers Receive Thank You Letter from East Boston Central Catholic School

THANK YOU: The Boston Police Department received a letter of gratitude and appreciation from the East Boston Central Catholic School and the Chavarria Family. On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, officers assigned to District A-7 (East Boston), MBTA, State Police, Revere Police, MDC, Massport, and EMS, provided an escort to a student battling Leukemia. To Principal Casaletto, the Chavarria Family and the East Boston Central Catholic School community, we at the BPD say: “Thank you for thanking us!”

October 2, 2018

Boston Police Department


69 Paris Street

East Boston, MA 02128 

Dear Captain Kelley McCormick.  

Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for the love and support you and your officers provided to East Boston Central Catholic School in support of our Cristopher’s Angels walk. 

Cristopher was diagnosed with Leukemia back in June and his doctors are optimistic that he will be okay, but he will be faced with three years of treatments. Right now, Cristopher is strong and able to attend school, but we don’t know for how long. We, as a school community, wanted to do something for Cristopher and his family.  

We decided to walk from our school to his house in Revere. At first that seemed like a nice idea, but not really something we could pull off without help. I reached out to Officers Derek Russo and Gary Marino who immediately jumped on board and brought me directly to you. To me, I felt like my requests were a little too much, but you went above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined.  

If your efforts to coordinate support from the MBTA, State Police, Revere Police, MDC, Massport, EMS, and the number of Boston officers on bikes and in vehicle were not enough, you also took the time out of your very busy schedule to walk the entire way with us. The escort back to school for Cristopher and his family is something that they will never forget! 

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels and you and your officers were truly our Guardian Angels. East Boston is lucky to have a Captain like you at the helm.  

On behalf of the Chavarria family and the entire EBCCS family, THANK YOU! 


Robert Casaletto


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