Great Work Recognized: BPD Officers Honored with Commissioner’s Commendations for Their Bravery in the Line of Duty While Subduing an Armed Suspect in Dorchester


Great Work Recognized: On Thursday December 13, 2018, Commissioner William Gross awarded commendations to Sergeant Thomas Brooks and Police Officers Salvatore Calabrese, David Lateigne, Stephen Puopolo, Robert Robichaud and Kevin Rooney for their actions in the line of duty when confronting an armed suspect.

At about 2:34 AM on Thursday, October 11, 2018, officers assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to a radio call for drug activity which resulted in the arrest of one male and the recovery of a loaded firearm in the area of 20 Ames Street in Dorchester. On arrival, officers observed a motor vehicle with a rejected inspection sticker and approached to speak with the operator. While doing so, officers also spoke to an adult male passenger seated in the rear of the vehicle who appeared to be extremely nervous, with his chest visibly moving up and down. When the passenger began to clutch at an unknown object on the right side of the waistband area of his pants, the officers asked both parties to step out of the vehicle. The driver complied and exited the vehicle but the passenger refused, instead choosing to lock the door and roll the window up while continuing to clutch the still unidentified object. Officers repeatedly gave the male verbal commands to exit the vehicle which he refused. Fearing that the suspect was armed, officers forced their way into the vehicle by breaking a window at which time a violent struggle ensued. Officers were eventually able to gain control of the suspect and recover a loaded handgun from his pants.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of these officers, this suspect and a firearm were removed from the streets and possible future violence was averted. 

For their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.