'Tis the Season: BPD Sergeant Praised for Holiday Spirit That Has Led to the Gifting of Thousands of Presents Spanning 15 Years

‘Tis the Season: If ever there were an award to be presented or given to the person who best represents or exemplifies what it means to be one of Santa’s Secret Helpers, then we eagerly and enthusiastically nominate Boston Police Sgt. Stephen Green of District D-14 in Brighton. Over the last 15 years, Sergeant Green, who absolutely loves Christmas and the satisfaction one gets from giving to others, has secured and provided an estimated 30,000 presents to kids in hospitals, housing projects and neighborhoods all around the city. When we stopped by the District D-4 community room to get a first-hand look at the presents amassed for kids this Christmas, well, as you can see in the photos, gifts, which easily counted into the thousands, were in high supply and easy to see. And, while all the gifts given to grateful children over the years have had special meaning to Green, there is one gift that most assuredly stands out from all the rest.

To hear Green tell it, there was a young, bedridden boy at a local hospital who simply wanted a warm, soft blanket. When Green spoke to the boy’s nurse and offered to buy the boy something of greater value, he was told the blanket would suffice. When Green, again, insisted that the boy could ask for anything, whether it be a laptop, iPad or Gameboy, in addition to the blanket, the young boy’s request remained the same. Puzzled by the simple ask, Green sought to better understand it. Due to the boy’s medical challenges, Green learned that the majority of the young boy’s time was spent in bed. And, while the idea of a more exciting gift like a laptop, iPad or Gameboy would certainly seem appealing to most, the boy only wanted a soft blanket that would comfort and keep him warm as he slept. Just a nice, new, soft blanket. Said Green, “I was blown away and humbled by the simplicity of the request. We’ve given out thousands of gifts, but, that gift really touched me. You had a sick kid who could’ve asked for anything he wanted but all he wanted was a blanket.”

As it relates to appreciation, while Green is slow to accept praise, he’s quick to give it. And, when asked to name those who have been especially helpful to the toy drive, Green quickly responded, “Mayor Walsh, the City of Boston Credit Union and the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association have helped us out a ton. Not to mention all the officers who help us deliver the toys. Top to bottom, it’s a total team effort.”

So, this Christmas, when you consider the meaning of one of our more cherished holidays, we humbly ask you to consider the efforts of Steve Green and the men and women of the BPD who have made going above and beyond the call of duty a regular occurrence during the holiday season for the last 15 years.