BPD Photo of the Day: Commissioner Evans Walks in Big Sister Association Annual Fashion Show


Tonight, for his second time in three years, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans strutted the runway for the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston Spring Fashion Show. The Big Sister program is focused on pairing big and little sisters and encouraging girls to succeed by providing positive roll models and relationships. Their annual fashion show features spring fashions modeled by big and little sisters in the program, community members, and real life, positive roll models to make an all around fun event! This year, Commissioner Evans, wearing his iconic scally cap and tie, had the pleasure of escorting WGBH radio host Margery Eagan down the runway wearing a flattering tan wrap dress.


"This year I wore a scally cap in honor of the late Jack Hynes, former Channel 5 news anchor, with whom I was very close," said Commissioner Evans to the audience after he walked. "I spoke briefly with his daughter, Kelly McDermott, who is a co-chairperson of this event, at Jack's funeral, and after she told me that Jack always liked that I wore a scally cap, I promised her that I would wear one in the fashion show for him. As Jack was a role model for so many, I know his daughter Kelly will follow in his footsteps as a role model for the young girls in the Big Sister program."