Eleven-year-old Gavin McCarthy Sworn in as Police Commissioner for the Day during Ceremony at Headquarters

Since riding in the BPD SWAT truck at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 18, 2018 in his official capacity as a Junior BPD Officer, 11-year-old Gavin McCarthy has quickly moved up in rank and was officially sworn in as Boston Police Commissioner for the Day earlier this morning, March 23, 2018.  

For those not familiar with Gavin’s story, he is an awesome fun-loving child battling a brain tumor. Gavin’s mother, Karyn McCarthy is a 22-year veteran of the Boston Police Department and all of her fellow officers, from Commissioner Evans on down, are behind Gavin, rooting and supporting him during these challenging times.  

Commissioner Evans gave Gavin a tour of his new office and generously gave him some police memorabilia. Once the swearing in was complete, Commissioner Gavin McCarthy’s first order of business was to thank everyone for their support. Secondly, and without hesitation, he chuckled and graciously gave everyone a promotion. The room filled with the sound of laughter and the smile on Commissioner Gavin McCarthy’s face was priceless.

Congratulations Commissioner Gavin McCarthy, we honor you!