Daily Dose of Great Police Work: 911 Dispatcher Directs Officers to Escaping Bank Robber in Brighton


At about 9:50 AM on Friday, March 23, 2018, officers from District D-14 (Brighton) responded to a radio call for a bank robbery at TD Bank in the area of 391 Market Street.

As officers responded to the scene, the 911 dispatcher informed them that the stolen money and the suspect were being tracked via GPS. The dispatcher continued to provide updated locations of the suspect, and it became clear to officers that the suspect was making his getaway via motor vehicle. As the vehicle approached the intersection of Washington and Cambridge Streets, the dispatcher told officers that the vehicle appeared to be in the left lane. Officers observed a car stopped in traffic attempting to maneuver its way into another lane as if to try to avoid the approaching police cars. Finding this suspicious, officers made a stop of the vehicle and immediately observed a fifty-dollar bill on the driver’s side floor when the operator stepped out. Further investigation revealed that the operator fit the description of the bank robbery suspect, and officers recovered an undisclosed amount of stolen US currency from a bag on the front seat of the vehicle.

Officers arrested 59-year-old Larry Chiles of Brighton and charged him with Unarmed Bank Robbery. Chiles was also found to have outstanding warrants out of Chelsea District Court for Receiving Stolen Property, Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License, and Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon. Chiles will be arraigned in Brighton District Court.