Keeping Boston Safe: Boston Police Auto Theft Unit Arrests Three Suspects Operating Dirt Bikes Recklessly in Boston 

At about 6:30 PM on Thursday, March 29, 2018, members of the Boston Police Auto Theft Unit in conjunction with the Mass State Police H Troop Community Action Team and the MA Environmental Police, arrested three individuals for violations of the auto laws in the area of Rusfield Street and Mass Ave in Roxbury.

While conducting an ongoing investigation, officers observed three males operating dirt bikes recklessly on the public way by committing an array of auto law violations in the above area. Officers had also received several 911 calls that evening describing the unsafe and negligent operation of these dirt bike riders. Officers followed the three individuals to a UHaul storage facility located in the above area and observed the males enter the facility with the bikes. At this point, officers attempted to conduct a stop of the males to no avail. The males fled on foot with the bikes into the facility and the officers pursued. Once inside, officers were able to apprehend the three males without further incident. As a result of the stop, officers seized three dirt bikes, a motor scooter, and a quad off-road vehicle, all of which were illegally and hazardously stored inside the facility. BPD and Boston Fire Department Hazmat Units responded to make the area safe.

Officers arrested 24-year-old Jason Martinez, 23-year-old Giovanny Martinez, and 24-year-old Najja Joseph, all of Roxbury, and charged them with Disorderly Conduct, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Operating after License Suspended/Revoked. All three individuals will also be issued citations for the auto law infractions.