BPD Remembers: Boston Police Officer Dennis Simmonds Died Four Years Ago in the Line of Duty

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Today, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, we remember the service and sacrifice of Boston Police Officer Dennis O. Simmonds, who passed away on this date four years ago after suffering a medical emergency that resulted from injuries sustained while engaged in a shootout with the Marathon bombers in Watertown nearly a year before. 

Shortly after midnight on April 19, 2013, Officer Simmonds and his partners were called out of the city. MIT Police Officer Sean Collier had been murdered in Cambridge, and the Marathon bombers were on the run in Watertown. Officer Simmonds was among the first Boston Police officers at the scene and engaged the bombers, one of whom was killed and the second captured. Officer Simmonds received a head injury when one of the suspects tossed an explosive device toward him. Almost a year to the day later, on April 10, 2014, Officer Simmonds suffered a medical emergency as a result of the injuries, and although he received immediate aid and was rushed to the hospital, he could not be saved.

In the year after his injury and prior to his death, Officer Simmonds and his partners received the Schroeder Brothers Medal, the BPD’s top honor. In 2014, Officer Simmonds and other Boston officers received an invitation to the White House to receive the nation's “Top Cop” award from President Barack Obama in May, and Officer Simmonds was honored posthumously.

Please join the men and women of the BPD today as we honor the service and sacrifice of Boston Police Officer Dennis Simmonds.