Great Work Recognized: BPD Superintendent Lisa Holmes Honored with the Alfreda Harris Award for Exceptional Community Service


On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Boston Police Superintendent Lisa Holmes was presented with the Alfreda Harris Award for Exceptional Community Service. The ceremony took place at UMass Boston, Clark Athletic Center, during the Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley's 10th Annual Basketball for Peace Tournament.

For more than 30 years, Superintendent Holmes has represented the very best of the Boston Police Department and she has helped to change the way Boston approaches police work. Superintendent Holmes was a street cop, walking the beat in Orchard Park, where she grew up and served as one of the first members of the Gang Unit in the ‘90s.  She has worked as a detective on some of the toughest, most demanding cases in the Sexual Assault, Homicide, and Human Trafficking units. By training new and veteran officers at the Boston Police Academy, Superintendent Lisa Holmes is shaping the Department’s future. She has embraced every challenge and she has never lost touch with the community she serves. Superintendent Lisa Holmes is one of the finest that Boston has to offer.

The Alfreda Harris Award is named for a living legend whose record of service is as rich as it is long. As a trailblazer in social justice causes, a hall-of-fame coach, an advocate for children and young adults, the longest serving member in the history of the Boston School Committee, and an unstoppable force for positive change in our community, the Alfreda Harris Award is one of the city of Boston’s highest honors.