Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Officers Can't Stop the Feeling of Gratitude in Response to Thoughtful Gesture Outside Justin Timberlake Concert

#ThankYouForThankingUs: Earlier this evening, Wednesday, April 4, 2108, three officers protecting and serving music fans filing into and attending tonight’s Justin Timberlake concert at the Garden, were pleasantly surprised and greatly appreciative to the anonymous community member who graciously picked up the tab for the officers’ food order during their dinner break at the Tasty Burger on Nashua Street. Upon receiving the bill, officers noted a hand-written note atop the check which read: “Enjoy dinner! Thanks for what you do! Go Sox!” Said one of the officers, “Whoever paid the bill didn’t need to do that but a small gesture like that really means a lot and reminds us just how much people appreciate what we do and how lucky we are to protect and serve a city like Boston.”