Great Work Recognized: Officers Honored for Exercising Restraint while Arresting Violent Felon Brandishing a Knife in South Boston

Earlier today, on Thursday May 17, 2018, during a ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters, Officers Joshua Delisle, Jane Claflin and Connor Murphy assigned to District C-6 (South Boston) were honored for their actions in the line of duty while arresting a wanted, armed and violent suspect.

The facts and circumstances surrounding the incident are as follows: At about 10:10 PM on Friday, May 4, 2018, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) were on patrol in the area of Newmarket Square when they observed a suspect, a 37-year-old male from Boston, who was known to them to be violent and to have active felony warrants, walking with a group. Officers attempted to pull up next to the suspect in their cruiser and asked him to stop and speak with them. The suspect then fled on foot with the officers in pursuit in their vehicle. The officers were able to block the suspect’s path by moving their cruiser against a wall, but he jumped over the car’s hood and yelled, “I have a gun!” while reaching into his pocket.

Now out of the vehicle, officers observed the suspect remove a black and silver shiny object and point it at officers and bystanders on the busy street. Officers drew their department issued firearms and gave numerous commands to drop the weapon and get on the ground. Officers shortly realized that the weapon was not a firearm, but a knife. The suspect continued to point the weapon at the officers while retreating from them but would occasionally stand his ground, maintaining an aggressive stance while refusing to lower the weapon. In his flight, the suspect unsuccessfully attempted to gain entry to a locked driver’s side door of a vehicle in traffic. At this time, one of the officers was able to get close enough to deploy his department issued OC spray. The suspect fell backward but maintained possession of the knife. The officer sprayed the suspect again to no avail. The suspect then approached a second vehicle, knife still in hand, and attempted to enter through the open driver’s side window. The car pulled away, dragging the suspect alongside the vehicle for 30 to 40 feet. The officers then grabbed the suspect, and after a violent struggle, he released the knife, and officers were able to place him into custody.

For their tremendous restraint while confronting and apprehending this violent, knife wielding suspect, Officers Joshua Delisle, Jane Claflin and Connor Murphy are each hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.