Great Work Recognized: BPD Cadet Awarded Commissioner’s Commendation For His Help In Apprehending Larceny Suspect

Earlier today, on Thursday May 17, 2018, during a ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters, Boston Police Cadet Jose Correia, currently assigned to the BPD Operations Division, was honored for his actions while assisting with an arrest of a larceny suspect in the Back Bay.

The facts surrounding the incident are as follows: On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Lieutenant Matthew Spillane and Cadet Jose Correia were in the area of Massachusetts Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue when a call came in for a larceny that had just occurred at 139 Newbury Street.

They observed a suspect fitting the description at which time Lt. Spillane stopped and exited his cruiser to conduct a threshold inquiry.  The suspect immediately discarded a suitcase and fled on foot with Lieutenant Spillane and Cadet Correia in pursuit. Cadet Correia caught up to the suspect and detained him while Lieutenant Spillane placed the suspect under arrest. The suspect was brought back to Massachusetts Avenue and Newbury Street where the suitcase containing $1,195.00 in merchandise was recovered and returned to owner. 

Thanks to his efforts, direction taken and quick response, Cadet Correia was able to pursue and stop the suspect.  He is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.