Recent Promotions: Nine Members of the Boston Police Department Made Detectives and Sergeant in Ceremony at BPD Headquarters

Today, Friday, May 25, 2018, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans had the honor of placing gold badges on nine members of the Boston Police Department in a ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters. Said Commissioner Evans, “I’m always proud to promote the hard-working officers of the BPD. These men and women are truly deserving, and I know they will continue to represent the department well in their new roles.”

Promoted to Sergeant:

  • Police Officer Paul Boddy
  • Detective David Crabbe
  • Detective Amy Erlandson-LaPointe
  • Police Officer John MacLaughlan
  • Detective Patrick McDonough
  • Detective Brian McManus
  • Police Officer Charles Vest

Rated Detective:

  • Police Officer Dana Grant
  • Police Officer Tisha Murphy