Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Boston Police Auto Theft Unit Continues to Address Unlawful Operation of Off-Road Vehicles in the City

At about 6:15 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2018, members of the Boston Police Auto Theft Unit, along with officers from the Massachusetts Environmental Police, were on directed patrol in an effort to address the unlawful and reckless operation of off-road vehicles in the City of Boston. While in the area of Seaver Street and Elm Hill Avenue, an officer observed a male operating a red and white dirt bike without a helmet and registration plate while weaving in between lanes. The officer was unable to make a stop of the suspect at that point but requested assistance from additional officers in making the stop. Officers followed the suspect until the suspect stopped the bike, dismounted, and attempted to enter a residence in the area of 58 Fowler Street. Officers stopped the suspect, a 29-year-old male from Roxbury, and advised him that operating a dirt bike that is unregistered and uninsured on a public way without wearing a helmet is illegal. The officers also observed that the suspect's driver’s license was suspended. Based on these facts, the officers summonsed the suspect to Dorchester District Court for Operating a Motor Vehicle after License Suspended and issued a MA uniform citation for the violations of the auto laws. The dirt bike was towed and impounded.

Officers continued patrol, and at about 6:45 PM that same evening, in a separate incident, officers observed a male operating a blue four-wheel ATV in the area of Columbia Road and Stanwood Street. At this time, the operator entered the center lane and performed a stunt maneuver where he stood on the ATV and raised both left wheels completely off the ground. The operator proceeded across two lanes on two wheels before tailgating another car, weaving back and forth behind it, then swerving around it and accelerating. The officer followed the vehicle for several blocks while it committed several traffic violations, then proceeded onto the sidewalk where the operator dismounted. The officer approached the operator on foot, at which point the suspect fled on foot. The officer pursued and observed the suspect push a male passerby off his bicycle. The suspect then stole the bicycle and continued to flee. Eventually, the officers in a cruiser pulled alongside the suspect near 77 Dale Street where he appeared exhausted. The suspect dismounted the bike, and officers placed him under arrest.

The suspect, 32-year-old Courtney J. Wood of Dorchester, was charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle after License Suspended (2nd & subsequent offense), Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Habitual Traffic Offender, Failure to Stop for Police, Unarmed Robbery, Assault and Battery, and Disorderly Conduct. Officers discovered that the ATV engine had been stolen, and the serial numbers on the engine had been altered. Wood was additionally charged with Altering a Motor Vehicle Identifying Number and Receiving Stolen Property. Wood was issued numerous traffic and city ordinance citations for the violations of the auto laws. The ATV was towed and impounded.