Great Work Recognized: Officers Assigned to District A-1 Arrest Charlestown Bank Robbery Suspect


At about 11:21AM on Thursday, June 28, 2018, officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a call for a bank robbery in progress at the Cambridge Savings Bank, located at 1 Thompson Square, Charlestown. Upon arrival officers learned that a white male, 5’8”to 6’, wearing a white ski mask, white gloves had just robbed the bank and fled on foot.  The money stolen contained a GPS tracker and was being tracked in the area of Laurel Street and Cedar Street moving toward Bartlett Street.

Officers patrolling the area of Bartlett Street began following the GPS directions being broadcast by the 911 dispatcher. While on Bartlett Street approaching Walker Street, officers observed one white male, about 5’8”, wearing a red jacket and black pants, walking across Walker Street beside the Clarence R. Edwards Middle School. Officers observed the suspect as he continued to check back over his shoulder. Upon seeing the approaching Boston Police cruiser, now about 10 feet from him, the suspect, later identified as, Robert Brady, 40, of Charlestown, immediately broke into a sprint, running away from the approaching officers. The officers engaged in a foot pursuit and commanded Brady to stop.  Officers observed a large bundle of US Currency partially stuffed in Brady's front pants. Robert Brady was placed under arrest for Armed Bank Robbery.

Officers recovered an undisclosed amount of US Currency, 2 GPS tracking devices, and 1 torn money band.

Robert Brady will be arraigned in Charlestown District Court.