BPD Photo of the Day: Longtime Boston Taxi Driver Honored by Commissioner Evans on Special Anniversary

Earlier today, on Tuesday July 10, 2018, Commissioner Evans welcomed Stanley Feinberg and his wife Marion to his conference room at Police Headquarters to congratulate him and present him with a citation in honor of an amazing anniversary. Stanley, who will turn 75 this September, has been working as a licensed taxi driver in the City of Boston for 50 years! Stanley began navigating our neighborhoods in 1968 and is still driving under the same Hackney Carriage Medallion that he was issued in 1975, #518, which represents he and his wife’s wedding anniversary.

Stanley shared several stories, but one of the most remarkable was his retelling of a fateful night in 1980, when he was shot during an attempted robbery while he was working in Roxbury. Stanley was able to transport himself to the District B-2 police station where he was quickly met by Boston EMS and transported to Boston City Hospital for treatment. Stanley was released from the hospital four days later and would recover from his injuries, returning to work a year later. Twenty years later, Stanley happened to pick up a woman near Boston Medical Center who stated that he seemed familiar but she couldn’t place him. As they rode along, Stanley suddenly realized that she was the nurse who had cared for him when he was brought into the hospital all those years ago. The two relived their memories of that night and shared a warm goodbye at the ride’s end.

We would like to join Commissioner Evans in congratulating Mr. Feinberg on his 50th Anniversary as we wish him many more years of service and smooth miles ahead.