Boston Police Department Command Staff Promotion Ceremony

On Monday, August 13, 2018 Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross was proud to announce the promotion of four experienced and tested leaders in the Boston Police Department. 

Superintendent Gregory Long was promoted as the new Superintendent-in-Chief. Superintendent-in-Chief Long is a twenty-two-year veteran of the department and for the past three years has headed up the Bureau of Investigative Services.  Prior to his current assignment, Superintendent-in-Chief Long served as the Commander of the Special Investigations and Homicide Units.

Deputy Superintendent Dennis White was promoted to the rank of Superintendent, and will be Commissioner Gross’ Chief of Staff.  Superintendent White is a seasoned veteran of the Boston Police Department, having served the community for twenty-nine years. Prior to his promotion to Superintendent he was a Deputy Superintendent in the Office of the Superintendent-in-Chief and in the Bureau of Field Services Night Command.

Deputy Superintendent Michael Cox was promoted to the rank of Superintendent. Superintendent Cox will be the Bureau Chief in charge of the Bureau of Professional Development at the Boston Police Academy. Superintendent Cox is a twenty-nine-year veteran of the BPD and has served the past thirteen years on the Command Staff as a Deputy Superintendent in diverse functions over that time.

Lieutenant Paul Donovan was promoted to the Command Staff as the new Superintendent, Bureau of Investigative Services. Superintendent Donovan is a thirty-two-year veteran of the department and for the past two years has held the rank of Lieutenant assigned to District 4 and then as Commander of the Civil Rights Unit. 

Each of these command staff members have distinguished themselves over the course of their careers through hard work, dedication, and commitment to the community, we congratulate them!