Drivers Warned to Watch for School Buses and Children on Local Streets


The City of Boston has implemented traffic safety precautions to coincide with the first day of school.  Boston’s Police and Transportation Departments will both be out in force at key locations to ensure that Boston’s streets are accessible so that the City’s children arrive in their classrooms safely and on time.  Drivers are warned to watch closely for school buses and children, to be patient, and to drive and park with extra care on local streets.

“The 2018/2019 school year is upon us here in the City of Boston. I am looking forward to welcoming the thousands of children who will be attending the schools in our City and their safety is paramount,” said Police Commissioner William Gross.  “I ask that drivers remain vigilant and travel with caution during the school hours. It is our priority to ensure the Boston Public School students get to and from their respective schools with ease. The Boston Police Department continues to be focused on maintaining the safety and security of all during this upcoming school year.”

Boston Police Officers, in collaboration with the Boston School Police and Transit Police will be monitoring some of the larger and busier M.B.T.A. stations and routes of students going to and returning home from school to ensure a safe commute for students. 

Boston Police Officers will be concentrating their efforts at various intersections throughout the City to control traffic and to keep congestion to a minimum so that both school buses and MBTA buses carrying children are not delayed along their routes.  Drivers are reminded that it is against the law to pass a school bus when the “STOP” arm on the bus is activated.

BPD and BTD will also be working to ensure that drivers do not violate public safety related parking regulations.  Of particular concern are:

  • No Parking in Crosswalks
  • No Double Parking
  • No Parking in Handicap Ramps
  • No Parking Within 20 Feet of An Intersection
  • Less than 10 Feet from a Fire Lane
  • No Stopping or Standing
  • Hydrants

In addition, the City of Boston has been in touch with local utilities and construction companies to coordinate permitted work activities so that they do not impact designated bus routes, traffic safety and school zone safety.