Safer Boston: BPD Officers Bravely Confront, Subdue and Arrest Gun-Wielding Suspect during Motor Vehicle Stop in Roxbury


ONE LESS GUN: At about 2:14PM, on Thursday, October 10, 2019, members of Youth Violence Strike Force were on random patrol when officers observed a gray motor vehicle travelling along Howard Ave in Roxbury with what appeared to be excessively tinted windows which clearly compromise the safety and well-being of any officer approaching the vehicle given the obvious difficulty presented to any officer seeking to successfully look inside the vehicle. It should be noted that in this case, the side windows were so dark that officers could not determine how many people were inside the car. In light of the violation, officers activated their lights and sirens to stop the vehicle to better understand and investigate their observations. While approaching the vehicle, officers were able to see two occupants frantically moving around the interior of the vehicle in such a way as if to suggest they were attempting to conceal something. While talking to the operator of the vehicle, officers noted he appeared to be extremely nervous given the fact that he was shaking and breathing at an accelerated rate. Additionally, the operator appeared to be shielding the right side of his body leading officers to believe that he may have been attempting to conceal a weapon.

In light of the aforementioned observations, officers, now greatly concerned that the operator may be armed, instructed him to exit the car. However, instead of compliance, the suspect remained defiant while repeatedly refusing to cooperate with the officer’s legal instructions. As the suspect’s level of resistance intensified, officers observed the operator reach for an object inside his jacket. Fearing that the suspect was reaching for a firearm, officers immediately unholstered their department-issued firearms and ordered the suspect to show his hands.  At this point, officers were able to successfully restrain and handcuff the suspect. Said one of the officers on scene, “That individual’s lucky nobody was seriously hurt.”

Once outside the car, a frisk of the suspect enabled officers to locate and recover a loaded firearm (see photo) found inside the suspect’s right pocket. The loaded firearm was later determined to be a Glock 27 (.40 caliber) with a 13 round high capacity magazine. Additionally, a more extensive search of the suspect enabled officers to discover and recover a plastic bag containing an off-white colored powder believed to be fentanyl. It should also be noted that the motor vehicle’s window tint was determined, as measured by a tint meter, to be 7% darker than the allotted 35% permitted by Mass General Law.   

Officers arrested Nicholson Nicolas, 21, of Cambridge and charged him with the following:

·       Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (2nd Offense)

·       Carrying a Loaded Firearm

·       Unlawful Possession of Ammunition

·       Possession of a High Capacity Firearm

·       MGL c265 S18B, Firearm in Felony, Possess

·       Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Drug (Fentanyl)

Additionally, Nicolas was issued citation for:

·       Excessive Window Tint