One Less Gun: BPD Officers Show Incredible Restraint While Apprehending Individual in Possession of a Replica Firearm

One Less Gun: BPD Officers Show Incredible Restraint While Apprehending Individual in Possession of a Replica Firearm:  At about 11:07AM, on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were in route to a call for a person stabbed in the area of 148 Stanwood Street in Dorchester when officers observed three individuals who appeared to be fleeing the scene. Upon closer inspection, officers soon noted that the individuals were frantically motioning and pointing towards a blue minivan that was traveling on Stanwood Street. According to the individuals, the operator of the vehicle had threatened them with a firearm. In light of the information, officers immediately stopped the vehicle. With the vehicle stopped, officers instructed the operator to roll down his window so as to better facilitate their ability to talk to the man. However, instead of complying with the officer’s lawful instructions, the operator, while claiming he had rights, refused to roll down his window. Moreover, the operator disputed the officers’ reasoning for detaining him and told them that they had no right to stop him. When officers explained to the individual that there were multiple witnesses claiming he had threatened them with a firearm, the individual, unfazed, continued to disregard the officer’s lawful instructions. Fearing and believing the suspect was in possession of a weapon, officers instructed the individual that he needed to exit the vehicle. At this time, officers observed the individual abruptly turn his body and quickly lunge towards an object that appeared to be a firearm located behind the front passenger seat. Seeing the weapon and fearing for their safety, officers ripped open the car door and grabbed the suspect’s arm. During the violent struggle to gain possession of the gun that ensued, officers, yelling, repeatedly ordered the suspect to: “Drop the gun! Drop the gun!” After a brief struggle, officers were able to eventually gain possession of the firearm (see photo) and take the suspect into custody. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the firearm was a BB gun. Ironically enough, in spite of the indisputable levels of danger and peril that preceded the confiscation of the firearm, the suspect told officers that he carried the replica firearm for his protection. 

Officers arrested Eduardo Varanda, 25, of Lynn and charged him with Failure to Submit to a Police Officer and Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Firearm). 

The replica firearm and its six gold cartridges which house the BB pellets were later logged into evidence.

 It was later determined that the suspect had no criminal connection to the original call involving a person stabbed.