BPD in the Community: City Officials Celebrate Black History Month with Students at the Joseph Lee School in Dorchester

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Earlier today, Friday, February 15, 2019, Commissioner William Gross had a wonderful time conversing, connecting with and reading to the 2nd-grade students at the Joseph Lee School located at 155 Talbot Ave in Dorchester (C-11). The kids thoroughly enjoyed listening as the Commissioner read the story A Sweet Smell of Roses. The book, written by Angela Johnson, is a highly inspirational and heart-warming tale about two girls who sneak out of the house to join a Freedom March with Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. The story details the sacrifices made by so many, both young and old, and the importance of standing up and standing together for what is right. The Commissioner was joined by District Attorney Rachael  Rollins, MBTA Police Chief Kenneth Green and Superintendent Nora Baston who also took time to read books celebrating Black History Month.